Single Stage Pet,PP Stretch Blow Molding M/C

The Direct HeatconMolding technology was independently developed by Aoki. This biaxial stretch-blow container molding technology dramatically improves the characteristics of plastics, and this has made it an essential part of our modern lives. As the company name suggests, Aoki Technical Laboratory is a laboratory that places a great deal of importance on research and development.

Direct Heatcon Molding technology has greatly expanded the potential for plastic containers. Aoki independently developed this technology and is providing people throughout the world with support in developing a wide range of containers. In fact, Aoki has worked with customers to develop over 10,000 different containers. Customers are looking for many different capabilities with these containers as well. From lightweight to heat resistance, functionality and chemical resistance, Aoki is meeting these various needs through its extensive experience and technical capabilities.

WE offer the full range of services related to container development. From engineering design and styling design to equipment and production plant consulting, Aoki provides customers with the full range of support for their container production needs.

 We provide a true turnkey solution with our services as we turn our customer’s needs into reality.