Message from the Group Chairman


Dear all, We are living in the most crucial time of human development. Never in human civilization has there been such exponential growth in both population and technology advancement. Currently with over six billion consumers, what we consume and how we consume will be the legacy for generations to come.

Whether we continue to depend on the ubiquitous plastic or move on to biodegradable elements, one thing is for sure, a responsible management of consumerism will be the hallmark industrial growth.

I believe in the philosophy of achieving a sustainable development through a symbiosis of innovation and application of human needs. Wideways was created to assist in the industrial development of providing such solutions, creating product that are both aesthetically designed and having practical applications. With environmental concern in mind we believe there should not be a compromise in industrial productivity as long as we stay focused on a controlled and sustainable development.

So let us all work together to build a better world to live in.


Syed Shakir Nazir