PE Shrink Wrapping M/C

Automatic Shrink Packaging machine incorporated technology and numerous features for your comfort and convenience, less cost of maintenance and excellent function to be easily, familiar and safety in order to preserve the machine's value and maximum benefit in daily use.

Standard Features                                                              

  • Automatic Collating Machine
  • Infeed Conveyor
  • Shrink Tunnel with Stainless Steel

 Wire-Mesh Conveyor

  • Control Panel  

              -Microprocessor Temperature

               Control PID function

              -PLC Control

              -High Precision & Efficient

              -Low Power Consumption

              -Low Operating Cost

              -Low Maintenance Cost

              -New Seal & Cut Blade Knife

               Permanent our own Designed

              and patent

  • Gravity Roller
  • Options
  • Structure & Frame made of

-Steel with Epoxy Paint

-Stainless Steel

  • Conveyor

-Top Chain

HDPE/Acetal/Stainless Steel

-Roller Drive

-Belt Drive

-PTFE, Kevlar

  • Infeed Conveyor

- 2 Lanes Straight

- 3 Lanes Straight

- 90 or Inline Arrangement

- Divider 2 Lanes

-Divider 3 Lines


  • Shrink Film